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Anti-Ageing - Aesthetic Medicine

Alfred Bellanti (BSc, GrDipSSc, DipClHyp, Dip BMed, NLP Master Practitioner) has been qualified by the Australian Association Of Homotoxicology to provide Biomesotherapy and Biopuncture. Anti-Ageing - Aesthetic Medicine is another applications of this treatment. Alfred is a Member of the Australian Association of Homotoxicology.

Anti-Ageing - Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine can include anti-wrinkle treatment, cellulite treatment or the toning of tissue that has lost the integral structural support that contributes to firmness and shape. Such treatment will have biomesotherapy and the suis-organ preparations at its core.

Suis-organ preparations contain porcine tissues that have been homeopathically potentised i.e. serially diluted and succussed. Acting according to the simile principle of homeopathy, suis-organ remedies offer the possibility of reactivation of organ functions. They are applied on the concept that insufficiency of disturbance of the homologous target organ in humans shall receive succour through the corresponding organ medication.

Basic research from the University of Bonn has shown that suis-organ preparations can have a significant effect on the immune system*. This research confirms that they can trigger biological systems.

Being particularly indicated in the treatment of cellular phases, the suis-organ preparations are well suited to addressing the degenerative aspects involved in wrinkles and the formation of cellulite. Combined with biomesotherapy, these preparations can contribute to the revitalisation of the extracellular matrix to overcome such problems.

Other factors that contribute to anti-ageing are: Healthy food, plenty of water, exercise, rest, relaxation and time out for some spiritual activity eg. meditation.

Of course there are a number of supplements one can use to halt the ageing process from the inside, and cosmeceuticals to treat from the outside. The whole process could get very confusing: what supplements? when do I take them? I already have an existing condition, how do I treat that? At the Mind and Body Healing Centre we can outline a plan for you and follow your progress for the best results possible.

*Enbergs H. The Effect of Potentised Suis Organ Preparations and Traumeel on Phagocyte and Lymphocyte Activity. Biomedical Therapy. 17(2):178-185

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