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The website is owned and operated by Alfred Bellanti. The site is created to be educational and informative and to provide a gateway for people who, like yourself may be seeking professional guidance, goods, and services. All information provided to you is provided with the highest intent to assist you obtain maximum benefit when you embark on a journey of self-healing and life improvement.

There is nothing I like better than to bring joy, love, and happiness into people's lives. Having myself survived cancer a few years ago I value anything that is life-enhancing, positive, and rejuvenating. Therefore as you look through these pages I hope you enjoy what you see and that you find goods, articles, or services that will help you achieve you life goals, dreams, and ambitions.

The Natural Health Products offered on this site are manufactured under strictest Australian Manufacturing Compliance and are registered with the Therapeutic Goods Authority (Australian equivalent of FDA).

With my kindest regards,

Alfred Bellanti

Medical Herbalist, Clinical Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner, Time Line Therapy™Master Practitioner, Biomesotherapy/Biopuncture

(BSc, GrDipSc, DipCl Hyp, Dip B Med, PhD) - ABN 33 853 228 296)

Clinic: 269 Bronte Road, Waverley NSW 2024, Australia

Tel: 61 2 9315 5764 Mobile: 0418 861 396 Email:

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